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Scenic Design


This set concept is for a 10-minute play, which was presented as a group project in my Intro to Theatre class. Though it is perhaps unrealistically elaborate for a short production, I used this as an opportunity to experiment with the design and practice drafting in Vectorworks.


Threat Level: Cream is a thriller that takes place on the DC Metro. The concept leans into the familiarity and recognizability of the trains — including the older, iconic cars, with the distinctive seats and orange cushions.


I added a ceiling to make the space feel more enclosed, making the mood of the play more uncomfortable and tense. Plain cardboard cut-outs represent other passengers, as a reminder that this is a full rush-hour train, and also help focus the action on the two actors. 


We decided that our production of this play would be set in the early 2000s, when fear about terrorist threats was at a peak. The graphics in the backdrop behind the metro car emphasize that paranoia, referencing security posters you might have seen at that time — and also combining that idea with the modernist graphics of the DC Metro.

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