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Scenic Design


This design for a Romeo & Juliet sequel of sorts marked my first foray into scenic design and vectorworks. The stage directions and action of the play require several structural elements and playspaces: multiple balconies, an arcade and/or scaffolding, a piazza, a tomb. I envisioned the balcony facades as a surface for projections. 


The play can take place in just about any time and place, according to the author, but I see it taking place in all times and places. My timeless city is something like a collage of different time periods — industrial age metal arches, enduring stucco building exteriors, the suggestion of airy futuristic glass high-rises in the background.


Inspired by the dramatic perspective and haunting mood of Giorgio de Chirico, I created angles with the scenic elements to reflect and heighten the tensions and unease within the play.


The second part of this assignment, for a Drafting & Painting class, involved creating a composite structure where we could demonstrate painting techniques for several different textures, and give an impression of the overall look.

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