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Peeps Dioramas


Two of my closest friends and colleagues joined me in building dioramas for the annual Washington Post Peeps Show, a contest for the most creative scene made with the famous marshmallow Easter candies. As finalists and semi-finalists for three years, we discovered that our strengths in this unusual competition were our attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship, as well as our use of creative visual puns, such as a chick-peep-shaped Noah’s Ark and a bunny-peep-shaped Washington Monument. Other fun details included custom-designed paper clothing, a lighted fireworks backdrop, and peep-shaped topiaries.

The Mad Hatter’s Peep Party, 2010

Someday My Peep Will Come, 2012

We the Peeple, 2013

Peeparing for the Flood, 2011

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